5 tips to prepare your outdoor space for spring

Photo credit: @catesthill, @portside_luxury, @_wohnblock_, @havedagbogen

1. Time for spring cleaning

We tend to prioritize spring cleaning indoors, but we often forget that our terrace and garden furniture also need to be cleaned. To start fresh for the new season, it’s a good idea to clean your furniture with soap and water to remove dirt and grime that may have accumulated over the winter. This gives peace of mind, so you can be ready to enjoy your comfy furniture right away when the warm spring weather comes. 

2. Take inspiration from indoor elements

Decorating the outdoor space with accessories can make a world of difference when the terrace needs to be transformed into a cosy outdoor space after the long winter. My recommendation is to add cosy decorative objects and details from your living room, such as mood-creating lanterns, outdoor rugs, and soft scatter cushions. However, make sure to select products that are designed for outdoor use – ensuring they can withstand wind and weather. 

3. Give your terrace a lush appearance

Incorporating planters with herbs, colourful flowers, and green plants on your terrace will give a vibrant atmosphere. The advantage of using planters and pots is that you can easily control the growth of the plants and their need for water. Even with a small balcony, you can create a wonderful oasis atmosphere. 

4. Divide your garden into zones

Big green lawns can sometimes lack personality. To make your garden more inviting and functional, consider dividing it into smaller spaces. For example, you could decorate one corner with a lounge sofa or daybed, another as a cosy dining space, and a third with green plants and a small bench perfect for enjoying afternoon coffee.  

5. Prolong the evenings with lanterns and outdoor lighting

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere for evenings spent with loved ones by incorporating outdoor lamps and cosy lanterns with candles. Combine different light sources and place them around the terrace. This creates a cosy and relaxing atmosphere, which will encourage you to use the outdoor area in the later hours of the day as well.