The home of Kimberly, The US

Our U.S. Ambassador Kimberly Telfer lives in Dallas, Texas, with her family. Kimberly started her home-inspiring Instagram profile about four years ago. Today, she works as an influencer and designer.

The natural look

Kimberly is very fond of the natural and modern elements in her interior style. She decorates her home with furniture made from natural materials and combines it with small unique pieces, so that the decor gets a personal touch.

"I love the natural look and the clean lines and how it contrasts with our raw slate fence".

The backyard gets a boost

Since buying the house, Kimberly and her husband Andrew have been slowly renovating their home and backyard. When they first moved in, the garden was one large overgrown mud pit, but slowly it has been transformed into a cozy oasis. The pictures speak for themselves.

The couple has come a long way with the project, but they still have many plans and big dreams for the backyard.

“Our backyard was such a disaster, and I definitely shed some tears over it for the last three years. We have pivoted several times to change our plan. We still have dreams of doing much more out there. For us, every step, even a small step, is a huge step forward compared to before!”

The finished result

The organic shapes of the furniture make the entire lounge area look airy and inviting. The concrete foundation that forms the terrace itself was recently made to give a cleaner and more modern look. The grey tint has made a huge difference and matches well with the grey cushions. The finished result is a welcoming and comfortable lounge area, which has led to more hours in the backyard for the family.